LH Digital Twin phase 1 business performance This video shows the Digital Twin performance of LH corporation phase 1 construction project, carried out from June 2020 to March 2021.​ The main contents of phase 1 project are : ​
1. 3D data deployment and services for 3rd new city​
2. Development of district planning/scenery simulation functions​
3. This is IoT-linked service using OGC SensorThings API.
CityGML and IndoorGML This is an example of CityGML and IndoorGML data expressed in mago3D.
(This case is the result of a research conducted with the research grant (18NSIP-B135746-02) from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s Land Geospatial Information Research Project.)

Indoor/Outdoor Connection Demo
Indoor/Outdoor Connection Demo Mago3D can link indoor space of buildings with outdoors while avoiding collision with geographic information.​
It is also possible to see the outdoor space from the indoors through the transparent objects like windows.
Antarctic Science Station Demo
Web based 3D facility/equipment management system (Antarctic Science Base example) Using mago3D platform to build and visualize Sejong base building and equipment management in 3D.​
We developed a web-based facility management system that allows visualizing and managing each facility in three dimensions.
mago3D integration demo
mago3D integrated demo video This is a mago3D integrated demo video. You can quickly visualize various 3D design data such as BIM, OBJ, and COLLADA on the web and perform property inquiry.


port demonstration
Port, containers, ships It manages moving objects such as containers and ships in the port, and checks safety in the port through IoT sensor data interconnection.


Jeju Island 30m wind field demo
Jeju Island 30m wind field expression This demonstration shows 30-meter resolution wind fields above Jeju Island, modeled using the alphamet of Nanoweather Co., Ltd. in mago3D.


Vehicle control This is a demonstration that displays point cloud data in Songdo area, Incheon, in mago3D and utilizes it for vehicle control.


Cultural Heritage
Through accurate measurement, cultural assets reconstructed with BIM can also be displayed and managed in mago3D.