LH Digitagl Twin Stage 1 business performance This is a video of the performance of the LH Corporation Digital Twin Phase 1 construction project, which was carried out from June 2020 to March 2021.
The main contents of the LH Digital Twin Phase 1 project are: 1. 3D data construction and service for the 3rd new city, 2. Development of district planning/landscape simulation functions, 3. This is an IoT connection service using the OGC SensorThings API.
CityGML and IndoorGML This is an example of CityGML and IndoorGML data expressed in mago3D.
(This case is the result of a research conducted with the research grant (18NSIP-B135746-02) from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s Land Geospatial Information Research Project.)

Indoor/Outdoor Connection Demo
Indoor/Outdoor Connection Demo mago3D can link indoors and outdoors of buildings built with BIM without interruption on geographic information. You can view the outside view through the window from the inside.

Antarctic Science Station Demo
Antarctic Science Base Web-based 3D facility/equipment management system Build 3D data for Sejong Base building and equipment management and utilize the mago3D platform. We have developed a web-based facility management system that can visualize and manage each facility in three dimensions.
mago3D integration demo
mago3D integrated demo video This is a mago3D integrated demo video. You can quickly visualize various 3D design data such as BIM, OBJ, and COLLADA on the web and perform property inquiry.


port demonstration
Port, container, ship structure It manages moving objects such as containers and ship structures in the port, and manages safety in the port through IoT sensor data interlocking.


Jeju Island 30m wind field demo
Jeju Island 30m wind field expression This is a demonstration of expressing the wind field of Alphamet, a numerical model detailed using DEM data of Nanoweather, in mago3D.


vehicle control This is a demonstration of visualizing the Songdo point cloud in mago3D and controlling the vehicle on the road.


Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage Examples