mago3D CE/EE

mago3D is an open source based digital twin platform.
You can download the source from Github and use it for development and commercial purposes.
If you need additional services such as customization, performance optimization, and technical support, you can use the commercial version, Enterprise Edition.

CE(Community Edition) EE(Enterprise Edition)

CE(community) EE(Enterprise)
F4D Converter
  • Converts 3D files (citygml, indoorgml, ifc, 3ds, obj, collada(dae), etc.) to a format that a web browser can visualize
Base Map
  • Provides background maps that can be used in on-premises closed networks (NASA - Blue Marble satellite image)
Terrain Provider
  • Create tiles through DEM data to visualize 3D topographic information
  • Provides tile caching function to optimize performance of layers (background map, aerial image, satellite image, etc.)
Smart Tiling
  • Smart tile stores 3D data in a pyramid tile structure, does not load the entire data, but calls only the tile data that enters the screen and measures the distance from the camera, and is used to optimize 3D visualization performance
DB redundancy
  • Provides a function to duplicate and manage the same database in order to recover the database service interruption or physical damage due to a system error
Training and technical support
  • Provides education and technical support benefits for mago3D installation/development/operation


system architecture


software architecture

BackOffice Log/Build Logback/Gradle7
Schedule/Report Quartz 2.4.0 / JasperReports 7.5
Presentation Layer View HTML5 + Thymeleaf 3.0.11 + Chart js 2.9.3
WebGL Globe CesiumJS 1.70 + mago3D JS
Persistence Layer RDBMS PostgreSQL 13 + PostGIS 3.0
Data Conversion Layer Message Queue RabbitMQ 3.8.9
Data conversion Server CesiumJS 1.70 + mago3D JS
Geospatial Data Layer Terrain Server GeoServer 2.17.3 + GeoWebCache 1.15.0
Geospatial Data Server Docker Engine – CentOS(Community) / window
Business Layer Business Server mago3D Management System (User, Admin)
Framework Spring 5 (Spring boot 2.5.1) + Mybatis 3.5.4
Infrastructure Layer Languag Java (OpenJDK 16)
WAS Tomcat 9.0.35
Web Server Nginx 1.16
OS Linux Centos 7.6 / Window Server 2019


mago3D consists of a web data management system, a visualization engine library, and a data converter system.

Web data management
  • Data management function (2D/3D)
  • Management of various simulators
  • Interworking management using Rule-Based Management System
  • Provides management functions such as dashboard, user, role, menu, and environment setting
visualization engine mago3D JS
  • 3D data visualization function using pure web browser technology HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT
  • Cesium Glover Engine plug-in type driving using Deferred Rendering
mago3D Converter
  • Converts various 3D files such as IFC, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, GML, LAS, JT, etc. into a format that a web browser can visualize
  • Performance optimization and attribute extraction for large data visualization
Smart Tiler
  • Performs 3D data tiling technique that improves network performance by reducing the number and capacity of large-scale heterogeneous 3D data contents in a web browser and providing high-speed/high-quality service


F4D Converter

product specification sheet

user PC OS Window10 recommend
browser Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Memory 8G or more
graphics card Graphics card required, GTX 1050 or higher recommended
server OS Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 or later
CentOS 7 or RedHat 5.5 or later
Ubuntu 10.04 or later
Linux recommended
CPU core 16 Core or higher recommended
Memory At least 64G recommended
graphics card GTX 1050 or higher
Volume At least 5 terabytes recommended
RAID necessary


License Package license (commercial license, no obligation to disclose source code)
Maintenance 1 year repair (maintenance for 1 year after installation, maintenance rate of 20% after 1 year is applied)
Technical support 1) online application Phone and email support during business hours (20 or less)
2) Visit support Support for less than 4 visits (including installation)
3) Education support Chapter 2 (Developer Training Voucher)
4) Etc Visit support and educational support can be exchanged according to agreement 1.5 million won (1 time/day) when requesting additional visit support
Price separate inquiry
Contact person Kyu-Sung Choi Director(