Experience Future with mago3D.
Objects are the city's past, sensor data is the city's present, and digital twins are the city's future.
mago3D uses 3D visualization, simulation, machine learning (AI), IoT sensor, and big data analysis.
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mago3D allows users to upload, automatically convert, and visualize, share and collaborate with ultra-large 3D BIM/AEC/GIS data with a web browser.
By applying various phenomena that can occur in reality to the simulation and real world in virtual space,
It is a digital twin platform that builds a safer and more efficient real world.

mago3D is a digital twin platform


Integration of BIM/AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) and 3D GIS
It runs on a web browser and
No plugins or Active-x installation required
Seamless integration of indoor/outdoor spaces
automatic conversion
2D/3D data upload, automatic conversion,
Visualization with web browser
Various phenomena that can occur in reality
Simulation in virtual space
Automatic conversion, visualization, sharing of data with others, issues, and collaboration

flow chart

mago3d flowchart, 2d/3d file can be easily uploaded by drag and drop, and visualization is simulated using f3d coverter conversion, optimized smart tiler technique, and WMS.


Architecture/Building/Facility Large-capacity 3D building data in cities, towns and villages units quickly
Visualize and inquire various information using building properties.
Shipbuilding/Port/Marine Block (ship) status and properties, moving objects management, visualization of various layers,
Manage the yard through IoT sensor data linkage, etc.
Environment Various environmental fields such as wind, air quality, water resources, soil, and noise
Transportation/Air Building smart mobility infrastructure such as autonomous driving, vehicle control, and drones
Defense/Others Support decision making through various spatial analysis.


Currently, mago3D has gone through the 3rd stage of digital twin that reflects various simulation results in virtual space to the real world.
We are advancing towards autonomous will through the 4-step alliance and the 5-step digital twin.
To this end, we are focusing on developing various IoT sensor data, big data analysis, and learning, inference, and perception functions using AI.

mago3d is advancing through the 3rd stage of the digital twin, towards the 4th stage of alliance, and the 5th stage of digital twin autonomous will.